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Despite having a Japanese first and last name, Mana Ayoka once felt that she has lost her true identity because of her American culture. She grew up not knowing what Japanese culture is like, so she had a constant itch of finding what she truly is by connecting to her roots. 

It may sound desperate but she quit her job and used her savings to travel to Japan. It’s the only place where her heart has been longing to visit. As soon as she got to the airport, she suddenly felt a connection that she has never felt before. She knew she was home. 

She spent her time getting to know Japanese culture and history, she ate all the food, and she visited a lot of places. Her heart was full. Mana flew back to the US with a heavy heart but it served as an inspiration to never stop getting know her roots. 

Mana built this ayokaproductions.org as a platform to share her thoughts about Japanese culture. She knows that there may be other people like her who have the same longing that she had. Expect well-written articles from Mana and her team that will make you get to know Japanese culture as if you are there!