Completing Your Fox Play Essentials with a Fox Tail Butt Plug

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Fox play makes an exciting game in a pet play session. Dog play or cat play sounds great no doubt but these pet play sessions have been done and dusted a number of times. If you are looking for something more thrilling and bold with your pet play games, swear by fox play shenanigans.

There is always something mysterious about fox. Furtive glances, swift feet, wild bushy tail and slender body- all these together conjure up a very enigmatic image that makes the whole thing extremely sexy. If you or your lady resonates to those sultry vibes then fox play is the ultimate for you two. And a fox tail butt plug will help you to bring life to your sizzling fox play sessions.

Fox tail butt plugs stand out with their thick bushy build. Equal part wild and equal part sexy, these tail butt plugs are truly one-of-a-kind. A luscious fox tail hanging out in between the soft butt cheeks of your lady is one of the best sights to turn your mood on after a long tiring day. You will love the soft feel of the bushy tail when she will sit on your face for an invigorating oral. You will also adore the plush vibe of the fox tail in between your legs when you will make her jump on you for the perfect cowgirl ride.

A fox tail butt plug is the absolute thing to bring your fox play fantasies to life. Whether the fox play is part of your BDSM session or normal intimate plays- you will enjoy them all ways. It’s one of those rare sex toys that can make you go weak in your knees with its very sight. Their luxurious touch will evoke all your hidden fetishes and desires and will drive you crazy with passion. It’s just the toy to make your intimate games even more special.

You will find the fox tail butt plugs in a wide variety of colors to choose as per your preferences and fantasies. If you are craving for a truly wild foxy night with your partner, go for tails in natural colors. But if you want to experiment, there are all sorts of other colors to pick from. From red to purple to blue to pink- you will be spoilt for choices. Then, you also have fox tail butt plugs in rainbow colors. These are great for those looking for brighter and more vibrant options. If you are a same-sex couple, the rainbow-colored fox tail butt plug would be the ideal sex toy for you.

Guide to use fox tail butt plugs

Having a fox tail butt plug isn’t enough. You should also know the right way to use it to enjoy the toy to the fullest. Here is a brief on how to use your fox tail butt plug at its best.

Choose the right one

Your experience with fix tail butt plug starts with the selection of the right toy.

As mentioned previously, these tail plugs are available in a wide range of colors. So, pick the color that catches your fancy and strikes a chord with your ideals. For example, if you want something lovely and feminine, look for a pink butt plug. If you want something really mysterious, a purple fox tail butt plug would be your trump card.

Then, you should be careful about the size of the toy. You will find these butt plugs in small, medium and large sizes to pick from. Stress on your experience level with butt plugs to choose your first fox tail butt plug. If you haven’t used butt plugs before, start with the smallest size.

Besides, you should also be choosy when it comes to the material of the butt plug. Ditch the porous ones and opt for non-porous ones. Glass, silicone, metal and silicone are your top choices here. If you want something real hard to intensify the stimulation game, choose from glass, metal or steel plugs. But, if you are a newbie in the plug world, go for ultra-soft and body-safe silicone. Speaking of the right one, you will always get the right product if you whenever you pick from the complete lovegasm lineup that they offer.

Clean your toy

Don’t nudge the toy inside just after you get it delivered to your door. The first task is to clean the toy thoroughly. You can use a mix of warm soapy water here. Otherwise, there are adult toy cleaners that are especially meant for adult toys.

After cleaning, you should dry it up. Air-dry is the best option. If you are looking forward to some temperature play, you can also put it under sunlight or bright light for some time. But remember, temperature play is only allowed with glass and metal toys.

Lube it up

The next step is to lube up the toy generously. Remember, the anus can’t lubricate itself. So, you will need more lube here than you need for your vaginal toys like dildo. Be careful of the lube you choose. Don’t opt for silicone lube if it’s a silicone plug. You should rather go for a water-based lube here. However, silicone lube is compatible with all other plug materials. You must also lube up the anal passage through which the toy will be inserted inside.

Insert the toy

After you have lubed up the toy and the anal passage, it’s time for the real action. Take the toy and try to insert it very gently inside the anus. Now, you might not get inside in the first go. Don’t worry- it’s common, especially for a first-time butt plug user. Push it as far as it can go but don’t shove it with force. You will only end up getting hurt.

If the toy is not going inside immediately, take it out. Lube it up a little and then try to push it inside again. This time, it might travel a longer distance. Take it out and try again. You will have to continue the process at least 4-5 times. You might get lucky in the 5th or 6th turn.

Once it gets inside, enjoy the amazing stimulation. But, make sure not to keep the toy inside for long.